Clumber Park

DSC_0060On Saturday Rich and I drove down to Clumber Park which is around 40 minutes away. I’ve wanted to go for a nice winter walk around there for a while, we did it last year and really enjoyed it so thought we would do it again. It’s part of the National Trust and stretches over 3,800 acres – There was a lot of walking involved!

DSC_0074DSC_0090DSC_0081DSC_0046DSC_0092DSC_0066It was great to get out and get some fresh air as we tend to just stay indoors on our days off which is nice at times, but I really enjoyed the different views and stretching my legs – Even though they are still ridiculously sore now! The grounds are so beautiful and there’s so much to see. It was particularly quiet when we got there around lunchtime, but I’m sure this was just due to the fact it had rained and it was a cold day. There’s a great trial that leads around the massive lake, which I’ve just read took 15 years to build, amazing! The weather was definitely on our side too. It was crisp and cold, but so sunny and the sky was really blue – Perfect for some photos. It was very muddy on the parts that didn’t quite catch the sun so my converse are no longer white, but that was my own fault, who wears white trainers to a national park after it’s rained…? I need to invest in some wellys!

Does anyone have any recommendations for nice wintery walks around Yorkishre? I think I may have caught the walking bug πŸ™‚



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