Reflecting On 2016

img_6063The past year seems to have flown by and I actually feel like it was a bit of a wasted year if I’m honest. Looking back through my photo stream I actually did quite a lot compared to other years but I feel like there were no big accomplishments in my life and I kind of just floated on by.

I’m not one for making loads of New Years Resolutions because lets face it, I wont stick to them. So this year I’m just going to set one goal – Taking photos has always been a passion of mine and I would love to finally change my career and do something with photography.

It’s going to take a lot of hard work, i’m sure of it, but I feel like if I write it on here then it has to happen.

I would love to hear any resolutions you have set yourself for this year. Lets make 2017 a year to remember!


Skincare Update

DSC_0038DSC_0015I find that after a while my skincare products stop working or aren’t as effective so I’m constantly adding new products into my regime to mix things up a little bit. I’ve been absolutely loving LUSH products and my fridge usually consists of more fresh face masks than actual food, does anyone else have this problem?

Just before Christmas I used the last of my Angels On Bare Skin so I popped down to LUSH and had a browse of their cleansers. I initially picked up a charcoal cleanser but soon put that down when I clocked the Bûche de Noël. Obviously Christmas is over now and I’m pretty sure this is no longer available, however, it’s almost the same just with a more Christmassy scent. It’s packed full of natural ingredients or course (with a cheeky hint of booze) and I just love how clean it makes my skin feel.You simply take a small amount of the cleanser, add a drop of water and massage it between your palms until it forms a paste – It is very messy, there’s no way of getting away from that, although it is so worth it! I would 100% recommend Angels on Bare Skin as an alternative if this looks like something you would enjoy.

Another LUSH product I’ve been loving is the Don’t Look At Me fresh face mask. Rich bought me this as a little stocking filler, I think he just chose it because he liked the colour, but it’s so good. It has tiny exfoliating beads in it that leave my skin looking so fresh after a bath. I usually leave masks on for about 30 minutes while I’m having a soak and then wash off with warm water while gently exfoliating.

Well, hello, don’t be shy. I caught you looking at my rich, exfoliating texture, filled with nourishing murumuru butter. I saw you checking out my ground rice. Let me assure you that I’m all substance: they’ve packed me full of zingy lemon juice to tone your complexion, Tunisian neroli to brighten and organic silken tofu to soften you up in all the right ways. A dash of rice syrup and grapefruit oil will have you coming back for more of my scrubby, softening skincare goodness. Smooth a rich layer of this vibrant blue mask over the skin and allow it to sink in for 10-15 minutes before gently removing with fresh water.

Finally I’ve been using this Liz Earle Exfoliator a lot since Christmas. It’s not like normal exfoliators as it’s so gentle so can be used more than once a week. It states that it isn’t suitable for sensitive skin and maybe really sensitive skin should steer clear, however, I think it would be absolutely fine. It contains eucalyptus, cocoa butter and jojoba beads that really do bring dull skin back to life – perfect after the Christmas period. And it smells AMAZING too!

Have you tried and of these products? Let me know if you love them as much as I do.


Review | Flash Eyelash Serum

A few months back I started a three month trial of eyelash serum that promises long, sexy, curled lashes fast. Now I’m always a bit skeptical about these types of products but I gave it a go and 3 months later here I am…

DSC_0066_01I started my trial at the beginning of September and every night for the next 12 weeks I applied a sweep of the serum onto my top eyelashes. I must admit, a few nights I did forget but come on, we’re not all perfect! I preferred to use it at nighttime as I sometimes found it stung my eyes a little bit and they would get a bit tired, however, this was after wearing my contact lenses all day – Most of the time it was absolutely fine.

After a couple of weeks I could really start to see a difference, not so much to the length of my lashes but to the shape. They were much more curled even without using mascara. Over the next few weeks they started to get longer and I actually struggled to put mascara on in the end as they were so long! Every time I looked up it would end up all over my eyelid – Which obviously isn’t a bad thing as that’s the reason I was using it after all…

I would definitely use Flash Eyelash Growth again as it did work and I did feel like my eyelashes were much fuller. One of the things I would suggest, and this is just my opinion, is trimming your eyelashes towards the end as I found they got a bit ‘spidery’ with mascara on. Obviously get someone to do it for you as the last thing you want to do is trim them a bit too much and lose all your hard work!

Flash retails at $45 (around £30) and can be bought here. You can also connect with their social media channels here InstagramTwitterFacebook to see other peoples progress.


Thanks to Monica at Flash for sending me the product to try- All views are my own!

A Couple Of New Skincare Additions

DSC_0023_02I’m forever switching up/ adding items into my skincare regime and these two have been the most recent products to make the cut. I found a voucher from when I ordered the Latest In Beauty Clinique Box for £10 off a £40 spend – It was coming to the end of it’s use by date so I thought it was rude not to use it. It wasn’t hard to spend £40 either. Maybe I spent a little more than I should have… Just maybe 😉

DSC_0009_05The first item I got was this Exfoliating Scrub, £20 for 100ml. I absolutely love scrubs and find they work really well at keeping spots at bay. I haven’t had a bad breakout since I started using it two months ago. It’s definitely more for oily/ combination skin and I would not recommend it on sensitive skin as it can be quite rough. It’s great when used around twice a week (three times at the most) on an evening as a deep clean after wearing makeup. It leaves skin feeling so fresh and clean afterwards and it’s been a welcome addition to my regime.

DSC_0024_04The second product I picked up was the Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk, £20 for 100ml. I actually meant to buy the Cleansing Oil but I must have accidentally added this one to my shopping bag instead. It dissolves makeup and can be used with or without water. I must admit, I’ve only used this a few times so far – And I also tend to take my makeup off beforehand using my trusted Clean & Clear Cleanser. I like to be able to see my makeup coming off on a cotton pad and with this you can’t.

When I do use it, however, I gently massage it onto my face using my fingertips and then rinse it off with water after about 30 seconds. I finish off with a swipe of Micellar water and then a moisturiser before bed. I honestly don’t think I would buy this particular cleanser again, simply because like I mentioned, I prefer to see my makeup coming off and this leaves me feeling like it’s left some behind.

Have you tried either of these Clinique products? I would love to know your thoughts on them.


Simple Everyday Beauty Routine

DSC_0050_03I absolutely love the fresh faced look for work it’s so quick meaning you get an extra 10-15 minutes in bed and because it’s lightweight it’s perfect for sitting in a warm office all day. These are my 5 absolutely favourite products for achieving a natural look.


Benefit POREfessional £24.50 – I’m onto my second tube of this as I love it so much. It melts into the skin and gives a perfect base for building on top of. It’s super lightweight and is great for popping in your bag for a quick touch up later in the day when shine attacks. It can be worn under or over makeup making it a must have in my opinion.


Bare Minerals Powder £26 – Again this is so lightweight and I find myself reaching for it everyday as it’s so easy to buff on and gives such a good coverage. It lasts all day and your skin doesn’t feel too heavy. I’ve actually run out now and I’m finding it difficult to find a nice everyday foundation to use – So much so that I’ve actually been going without. It’s definitely one I will be repurchasing very soon though.

DSC_0059_03Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil £17 – I actually received this in a goody bag from a blogger event I attended and I didn’t use it for ages. When I did start using it I instantly fell in love with it. On one end there’s a spooly for brushing your brows and on the other end a retractable brow pencil. It’s so easy to line and fill in your eyebrows that I can’t imagine living without it. When I really take care shaping and filling my eyebrows in I get so many compliments on how good they look and I can only assume it’s down to this beauty!

DSC_0054_01Benefit Roller Lash Mascara £19.50 – This was a free sample from Elle magazine and I instantly fell in love with it and knew had to get the full sized one. It’s great for curling lashes if you tend not to use an eyelash curler and the curl lasts all day. Another good thing is it’s so much easier to remove than the They’re Real Mascara – Another one of my favourites.

DSC_0056_01Vaseline £1.95 – You just can’t go wrong with a slick of vaseline now can you? What more can I say about it! It’s a great, cheap and cheerful product that has multi-uses. I urge everyone who hasn’t got a tin of vaseline to go out and get one!


The Body Shop Meadowhall VIP Blogger Event

DSC_0050_02DSC_0036A few weeks back I was invited along to a blogger event held in The Body Shop Meadowhall store – It was a great evening with lots of familiar faces and handy tips on how to get the best from your skincare products.

There were lots of demonstrations throughout the night, the first one using the new Mojito range which smells amazing may I add! Followed by skincare and makeup.

Us bloggers were treated to a little corner of the store where refreshments had been laid on, Virgin Mojitos and best of all… Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! Mmmm!
DSC_0052_01DSC_0042_01DSC_0049_02DSC_0047_03DSC_0048_01It was a great night and I urge anyone who gets the opportunity to attend a Body Shop blogger event to do so. I’ve been to two now and they are great – The staff definitely do look after you.

And also, just look at the size of that doughnut!!


Review | The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser

DSC_0031_01I got invited along to a Body Shop event in Meadowhall and couldn’t resist picking up this little gem. I’d heard a lot of good things about it around the bloggersphere so I wanted to try it out for myself. As soon as I got home – As you do, I took off my makeup and applied it.


The first thing I noticed was that it was a gel-like formula. It’s something that I really love about moisturisers as it means they absorb straight away and there’s no annoying waiting time between applying it and popping on your makeup.

Next it was the smell. It has such a strong, refreshing citrus smell – Exactly what you would expect from Vitamin C right? Think freshly cut oranges… Nom nom.

I applied a few blobs all over my face and then massaged it in. The first couple of times I used it I definitely applied way too much so my advice is to use it sparingly – If you find that you need to apply more then do it, but that way it saves waste.

I’m so happy with how my skin feels. I tend to use moisturisers for a couple of days and then get breakouts so I stop using them. It’s bad I know as it’s so good for your skin and it’s probably just my face getting used to the change. However, with this one i’ve had no spotty reactions and my skin feels so soft and really hydrated.

I’ve noticed after applying it in a morning my skin does look quite shiny, i’m guessing that’s the glow boosting part of it, but a touch of primer and a swish of powder sorts it out and i’m good to go for the day!

I would totally recommend this to anyone and I’ve heard it’s a great dupe for the Origins Ginzing moisturiser – Having never used it I can’t really comment, but I love, love, love this Body Shop one!

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser 50ml – £16