My Wedding Day Jewellery | Pandora Bracelet

DSC_0018_02A couple of months before the wedding I was thinking about what sort of jewellery I wanted for my big day. I knew I wanted something simple, elegant and a piece of jewellery that would mean something to me in years to come. I thought of buying myself a really delicate bracelet with tiny chains linking it together, but i’m ridiculously clumsy and I knew I would break it or lose it.

I already own a Pandora Bracelet, but it’s starting to become very crowded – It’s packed full of memories, with each charm meaning something to me. I got it a about four years ago for Christmas and it has been my favourite bracelet ever since mainly due to the fact that it’s personal to me and also unbreakable! I must have opened and closed the clasp over 1,000 times and it’s still in perfect condition.

When Joshua James Jewellers, a Yorkshire based jewellery company, got in touch with me and asked if I would like to try out the brand new Pandora Bracelet With Heart Clasp I couldn’t say no. I also got the choice of a charm to go with the bracelet – With my upcoming nuptials I decided to choose something from their wedding range as I knew it would be a perfect accessory.

Since 2009, Joshua James has been delivering fine jewellery, charms, watches and fashion pieces from some of the world’s top brands.

I had a look on the website and couldn’t choose between four of the charms – I decided to let them pick which one they sent me, so I sat back and waited for the package to arrive. When it came I saw that there were two boxes in the parcel. I opened them up and two of the four charms I had chosen had been sent.

The first was the gorgeous two tone Wedding Carriage charm made with silver and 14ct gold. The second one was the silver You & Me charm. They both look absolutely stunning on the bracelet and I’m so happy with the finished look.


I’m unsure as to wether or not I will add anymore charms to this particular bracelet as it was so special to wear on my big day. I have, however, got my eye on another bracelet to start filling up with memories, this Pandora Bangle.

A big thank you to Joshua James Jewellers for sponsoring this post.


Review | Tanya Burr – Love Tanya Book


When this book was first published I couldn’t decide whether or not to buy it. I wouldn’t say I was a huge fan of Tanya Burr – In the sense that I don’t sit and wait for her videos to be uploaded, but I do tend to watch them when I have a bit of time to myself. She has a really bubbly personality and I find her vlogs really easy to watch. If you are the same then I would recommend this book 100%.

One thing I didn’t know was Tanya is around the same age as me so I could relate to a lot to the growing up pages. It made me laugh a lot and was definitely my favourite part. The book is split into the different sections – With some gorgeous pictures to separate them may I add, and I find this makes it easier to digest and also gives you a good stopping point… If you can put it down that is.


The one thing I didn’t like about the book were the ‘notes’ pages – As you can see from the picture, after each section there  were blank bits for you to jot things down and personally I found this a little childish – Obviously Tanya has a huge following and many of them are a lot younger than myself so I can understand why she would do it, but I didn’t like it.

I whizzed through the book in three days as it was just so easy to read – It probably could have been less as once I started I couldn’t stop, but you know, I had to go to work… I would recommend picking up a copy if you haven’t already as it is a good read, especially if you are around the same age!

Have you read Love Tanya or any of the other YouTuber’s (Is that even a word?) books? I personally don’t know where I sit with the whole book deals for bloggers and I would love to know your thoughts.


Currently Craving

ASOS Wishlist

Ahhhh wishlists! It’s been ages since I put one of these together… Basically because if I go on any form of website I end up spending money when I really am not supposed to be. ASOS have some gorgeous things in at the minute and these are just a few of the bits I have been lusting after. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming right!? And with Valentines Day just around the corner you never know…

Dresses: Prom Dress £55, Pleat Dress £55, Jacquard Prom Dress £75. 

Shoes: Silver Sandals £59, Striped Heels £27, Yellow Heels £25, Adidas Originals £72, Ankle Boots £40. 

Coats: Parka £75, Classic Mac £75, Pink Coat £85. 

Accessories: Backpack £44, Scarf £32, Make-Up Bag £18, iPad Cover £15.


My October Favourites


October favourites already…I mean how quick is this year going!? It’s starting to get a bit scary that it’s almost Christmas, I can remember saying that last year too eeeeeek!

Onto my favourite products from the past month anyway.

Lush, oh you will always have a huge place in my heart – I cannot walk past a shop without going in and buying a ridiculous amount of products, most of which I don’t actually need, but I’m pretty sure this happens to everyone right?

I ended up with a bag full of bath bombs and bubble bars and there aren’t enough days in the week to use them all. I need to start buying just a few at a time but it’s so hard when everything smells so good! They had the Christmas range in too so it would have been rude not to pick up a few bits from that.

The bath bomb I chose for my favourites was this one ‘Cinders’ with a name like that you can probably tell why… It’s so wintery and it makes you feel like your sat in front of an open fire. The smell is amazing and it also has popping candy in it! I was pretty much sold on that 😉 My childlike instincts came out in the shop.

This is the second one of these I have picked up and I will probably buy more while it’s so darn chilly outside! (I know I sound like an old woman).


Next up is my Majorette blush. I’ve had this well over two months now and to be honest for the first month I barely used it. One day I pulled it out of my make-up drawer and popped a bit on my cheeks and I just loved the Autumnal glow it gave me. You use this as a blush booster – Basically you use your regular blush on top of this and it boosts the colour. I tend to just use this on it’s own as I think it spoils the gorgeous peachy glow if you use anything over the top. The best thing about this too is it actually smells of peaches.


Another Benefit product to make it into my October favourites is the ‘They’re Real Push-Up Liner.’ Again I’ve had this well over two months now (I actually got this and Majorette on the same day – It was a particularly good day!) But i’ve only just started to really use it. It’s so easy to apply, I am absolutely terrible with eyeliner but actually found this really easy. It hugs your lash line meaning it glides on so smoothly and it lasts all day!

Elle magazine are actually doing a free trial as their gift this month so if you wanted to try it out there’s your chance.



This has been my absolute favourite colour ‘Chai’ it’s so dull and boring but I love it. I’ve never bought a grey nail varnish before as I tend to stick to pink and red and all the really bright colours, but I wanted to try something a little different for Autumn. When Barry M released their Autumn range I couldn’t get my hands on them quick enough and this is just one of the shades. It’s been dominating my finger nails and I’m actually wearing it as I type.


Last but not least is this jumper from H&M – Oh my god this jumper! I am so in love with it I actually bought it in another colour too. I have worn them on rotation for the whole month as they are just so easy to wear. They are so oversized, but hang really well. This is a size XS and it’s still absolutely massive on me. Obviously that is the style but I think sometimes the material can be a bit too thick and coarse meaning it doesn’t sit right.

I’ve used it as a backdrop for all of my pictures in this post so you can see the knit really close up and it’s just gorgeous. I picked this up not that long ago so it will definitely still be in store now and best of all – It was only £14.99! H&M you’ve done it again 😉


The Northern Blogger Meet Up


It seems like ages ago I signed up to attend the Northern Blogger Meet Up and finally it came around yesterday – It was my first ever blogger meet up so I was really excited to go along and meet other keen bloggers! It was held in the upstairs room at Eten Cafe in Sheffied, it was such a cute little cafe and the staff were so friendly. The food was also amazing! Every time they took something past me I was eyeing it up. I finally decided on  a smoked salmon sandwich as I thought it would be the least messy thing on the menu – I still ended up brushing crumbs off my top!

It was a pretty nerve wracking experience walking into a room full of other bloggers but after a few glasses of wine the conversation started to flow and everyone seemed to relax and engage a bit more.

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Pinterest Inspiration – Home, Weddings, Beauty & Fashion!

imageBe sure to follow me on Pinterest – I’ve fallen back in love with it (especially for wedding planning!) I’ve been pinning a lot of stuff lately whether it’s home, wedding or hair and beauty inspiration. Head on over there to check it out.

If you’ve never heard of Pinterest before, basically it’s just a massive online mood board. You create different boards and pin images onto them – It sounds boring, but I find so much inspiration on them – and there are even some really funny quotes/ pictures!

I’ve found myself giggling at them many times before!

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